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Universidade Federal do Ceará
GAMA – Geoprocessamento, Automação e Manejo Agrícola

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Hydraulics and Irrigation

The Laboratory of Hydraulics and Irrigation has an area of 1 ha and comprises two buildings around 300 m² each and a field area for the installation of experiments. In the hydraulics sector, a closed water circulation system, with adduction from a cistern with a capacity of 40 m³, is repressed to a suspended reservoir with a capacity of 10 m³, where the water is gravity-derived to two channels. From this reservoir, water is also derived from a piping system where pressure dropping practices can be performed. The pumping system consists of two water pumps with a power of 30 HP each. The hydraulic laboratory also works as a support to the discipline practices: Irrigation and drainage principles and surface irrigation, such as calibration of Parshall gutters, siphons, Speedy, use of profilometers, tests of flow in micro-sprinklers, fabrication of tensiometer with a mercury manometer.
The Laboratory has assessment devices and infrastructure for testing flow, pressure, flow in free channels, evaluating hydraulic valves, and emitter nozzles. It also has an Ultrasonic Flowmeter that, thanks to its transducers, emit and receive high-frequency acoustic pulses, transversely to the pipe, quantifying the volume of water that flows in the pipe over time.

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